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Our ambition is not only to produce the best quality hops, but to ensure a sustainable production with ecological benefits.
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Our quality assurance begins in the hop yard and has been specially developed for the increased demand of organic hops.
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We believe that innovation is an integral part of thinking organically. We test new cultivation techniques and varieties to further develop our organic hop cultivation.


With over 9 different hop varieties, we offer our customers choice and flexibility. These range from old country cultivars to modern aroma and flavor varieties.
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Gruppe Bio Hopfen is a partner of the organic associations Bioland and Naturland, whose high requirements reflect our values of quality assurance.
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We minimize default risk and ensure consistency by working with suppliers from various growing regions that have strict, credible contract quantities.


When purchasing hops through Gruppe Bio Hopfen, you benefit from both direct contact with the grower and the professional service philosophy of a modern hop trading house.
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Managed by hop growers - specialized in organic farming!

We are a  company  managed by organic farmers with the aim of supplying our customers with organically produced hops. The cultivation of organic hops requires a high level of crop cultivation skills. Instead of using chemical-synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, we implement distinctive cycle thinking and sustainable soil management. We ensure plant health through the promotion of beneficial insects and a targeted use of natural and raw materials. In combination with extensive experience and passion, we produce hops with ecological benefits.

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