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Our hop varieties

Because not every hop variety is suitable for organic cultivation, the successful production of organic hops requires knowledge of varieties, The Group's repertoire of organic hop varieties offers both traditional brewers and craft brewers who enjoy experimenting with possibilities.

Sources: CMA Sortenmappe, Hopfenforschungszentrum Hüll,

Our hop products

organic cone hops

In addition to the RB 60 bale, we offer cone hops in a vacuum bag. This protects the hops from oxidation. You have the possibility to set your own packaging specifications individually.

organic pellets type 90

Our organic hops are processed by certified organic processing plants into pellets of type P90 and packed in aluminum bags with inert gas. We are happy to accommodate brewery-specific packaging specifications.

organic green hops

During the hop harvest, you can obtain fresh, undried organic hop cones, directly from the hop picking machine, for your green hopped beer specialties.

Organic hops request